Monday, June 24, 2024

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Mikrotik Cake notes:

These are my notes from implementing, CAKE in my network. I will be doing some updating to this page. Anything you find here should be taken with a grain of salt and verified with your…

The Brothers WISP Podcast 121

I had the opportunity to join Greg, Mike and Andrew for several interesting topics, from Mikrotik RouterOS v7 to Moving into Data Centers for the first time.

The Brothers WISP – Episode 119

I had the pleasure to be a guest on The Brothers WISP Podcast. I also got to talk about one of my recent network management mistakes...

The Brother’s WISP Ep. 109

I had the privileged of being on The Brothers WISP again. This week Greg, Mike and Tommy play name that tune and Hollywood squares...match game next time.   This week we talk about:  Touchless…