The Brother’s WISP Ep. 109

I had the privileged of being on The Brothers WISP again.

This week Greg, Mike and Tommy play name that tune and Hollywood squares…match game next time.  

This week we talk about: 

Touchless access control that takes your temp. 

Unimus 2.0.0-Beta2 released 

Hidden Master DNS 

Greg’s MUM 2020 presentation – Ansible Mikrotik Mass Configuration Fast 

Nathan P gave me a muuuch better reboot method on MTK using the execute script command. 

MTK hap AC3 – built in LTE, bigger case

Dave was asking how to graph stats on pure IPSec traffic(Miller said create a simple queue and graph that). 

What subnet sizes to use when assigning public IPs to infrastructure 

My first week with a Mac…only task was reloading it, and that took forever LOLOL 

5.9 GHz FCC STAs (Special Temporary Authority)

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